logo03Advanced Composite Gliders and Motorgliders



New versions of TST-10 and TST-14 are available.  As part of our continuing improvement program, the baseline TST-10, 13 and 14 have improved fit and finish.  In addition, the TST-10MB and TST-14MB are available.  Both of these gliders offer automatically connecting controls and retractable landing gear.  In addition, we are introducing the TST-10MC and TST-14MC that have beefed up structures to allow for higher speeds.

We offer a complete line of light single and dual seat gliders and a single seat motorglider.  Both the single seat TST-10 Atlas and the two seat TST-14 Bonus glider are available as pure gliders and as self-launching gliders.    In addition, we offer the single seat TST-13 Junior motorglider.  All of our gliders can be registered either as LSA-gliders or in the experimental catagory.  For information on all of the products we offer, please click on photos below to go to the specifications for each glider..